Saturday, November 27, 2010

Perhaps all my followers are gone as they think that I do not update my blog anymore. But blogging still serves as a mini dairy for me to write down all my feelings and thoughts.

Today is my rest day and this is the first time i sleep until 1pm as I do not need to wake up early to go to work? Life is so great during off day where there is not disturbance from colleagues.

My final exam is approaching next week. Just hope I can try my best to strive for it!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

It has been quite some time since I last update my blog. Perhaps was about few months back? Someone reminded me about my blog and so here I am....

Life have been ups and downs. Perhaps I was struggling these few months and I don't even have the time to upload my blog.

I am like entering into another generation. No longer active in facebook, no longer active in blogging and no longer active in my favorite maple story where I used to be. What I did every day was work, home, assignment, sleep and the routine goes on and on.

Friends and family are complaining, RESIGN AND GET A BETTER JOB. That was the usual thing I heard from them. It has already been a norm to receive such complaints from them.

I shall not comment much on the above as I have my own thoughts. I do hope they can understand me. Don't ask me why aren't you leaving your job now? Please......

Actually a lot of things are troubling it where it includes some which couldn't be written into words.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A wonderful day out with my lovely sista who came all the way from KL. As usual, Ipoh doesn't have a lot of fancy places to visit. We went to all the caves nearby and brought them to some local food stalls. Visiting ipoh is just like a 'eating trip'. Eat and eat and eat from morning till night.

My final test is around the corner. About 2 weeks to go. This is the first time I am having final test for my masters program. With such a short time period to study and revise, I wonder how am I going to score all the papers.

I am in a dilemma now, whether to continue or to let go after considering all the circumstances. I need someone to talk to but I don't know who will be the correct people. I am so scare that I have talk to someone that I shouldn't.

Yeah, you all are right. Our lives do have ups and downs. When there is any change in the environment, I may not able to adapt for the first few days but I found out that as time goes by, I began to adapt to it. At first I thought I couldn't accept it at all, but it turns out to be just fine.

Whatever it is, the decision will still goes back to us. I hope that I am choosing the correct path. Gambateh!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You would never know what he wants. You can never expect anything from him. This is because you will only receive scoldings and complaints from him. No matter how right you are he will still find some mistakes for you. When you try to do something extra, he is expecting even more from you.

When you are about to let go, he came in and persuade you not to let go and must stay strong. You will never have chance to request for anything. You just have to be a good follower and listener.

When you give any suggestion, he will say that your suggestion is useless. When he propose a suggestion, eventhough it is not effective you must support him.

When he makes any mistakes, you are the one who have to explain for him. When you make mistakes, please do your own explanation.

When there are cases which he cannot settle himself, he will ask for your assistance. On the other hand when you have any problems, you have to find your own solution.

What a intense environment........

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Shall stop neglecting my blog. Here I am back to posting :)

Life have been quite miserable in this 2 months. My work life beginning more and more stressful as I have to handle my work and assignments at the same time. Further more, there is sudden change in the structure of work in my company.

But in this 8 months after joining the company, I can feel that I am really growing up. I wonder whether others do have this kind of challenges in their life but I really feel it and got through it. At first the feeling sucks but my manager was right. We need to have positive attitude and always ready to adapt to new environment. By resigning is just the way to avoid problems and you will never grow. Worst still one day you will be stagnant. That's what my manager shared with me when I was depressed.

I am really glad that I have colleagues who support me and are willing to listen to me.

By the way, Happy Mother's Day!!!!! Shall end my blog here.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It is really hard to study and work at the same time. Morning you have to to work and at night you have to do your assignment especially when your assignment datelines are around the corner.

I have a very very fruitful weekends for the month of March. First weekend I spent it at the saloon, second weekend I went to KL for my cousin sister's convocation, third weekend I am going to SG and the forth weekend I am having my monthly tutorial class. What a busy month I have.

Once in a blue moon I wil still feel moody. I am still struggling to make a decision. But I know that I have to make it one day and I hope that I am choosing the correct path.

My manager asked me this question, "What kind of job would you prefer? Front-line or back-end? Do you like to serve customers or to be in hotel or f&b industry?"

My answer rather tough and firm and I answered him. "I prefer back-end or administrative job where I don't have to deal with customers. Hotel or F&B doesn't suit me coz I am not in favor of servicing line."

Through the conversation I can roughly know what kind of job I would prefer to and I began to think that I have chose the right subject for my degree. Glad to hear that :)

Okay okay. Shall stop crapping and back to my stupid dupid assignment =(

Monday, March 8, 2010

Seems like no peeps missing me as no one read my blog recently. Sad case but my blog shall remain as the place for me to express my feelings especially when I am very very frustrated.

Here I am today, not in the right mood, and my tears are like waterfall wanna roll down from my eyes. Perhaps is the time for me to let go everything and enjoy myself to the max. Planning for trips to KL and SG, planning to have fun somewhere and planning to enjoy every week of my off day.

I really feel frustrated when no one can help me. I do not need people to console me, to cheer me up or to comfort and calm me, what I need is a very own space for myself to relax and calm down myself. Stop disturbing me and I will be fine.

Shall end my blog here. I love those who cares for me and cheers me up when I am down. Thanks alot :P muackssss~